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Doodie Deeds Dog Waste Removal : We service yards year round, so you don't have too! Call us now to get on our weekly pooper scooper schedule.

Please note we ONLY SERVICE SOUTH WEST of Pittsburgh.

In Business since 2007

Providing Pooper Scooper services to communities South West of Pittsburgh and parts of Washington County

Voted 2nd Place Pittsburgh Fan Favorite for Woman Owned Business


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~We love Doodie Deeds! My husband and I both work full time and are so grateful to be able to spend our time at home with the kids and dogs rather than cleaning up the yard. Annie has truly been a blessing- fast, thorough and ALWAYS smiling! She is also one of the few people who can enter the yard without my three dogs going insane... I think they just like her:) 
~In response to an earlier review- Chantelle is quick to return my phone messages and emails... even if she is just calling to say she is driving home and will call later in the day for a more detailed response. I'm sure your message never made it to her if you had no reply. You should definitely give them a second try... you wont regret it! 
~We highly recommend the service. 
Jane R. 
Peters Twp. 
~I have been using Doodie Deeds for over 5 years now. It has been a life saver. They are very competant and are completely reliable. My mother now uses Doodie Deeds at her condominium as she is 85 years old. 
Jean C. 
Presto, PA 
~Doodie Deeds is a great convenience for busy families! They are very good at getting your yard clean and keeping everyone happy! I would definitely recommend Doodie Deeds to anyone! 
Sonia K 
Peters Twp. PA 
~Great service, its nice not to have to navigate the mirid of doggy land mines in the yard. They have always been there at the scheduled time weekly, the service is definitely worth it. 
Bruce S 
Oakdale, PA 
~We're so happy we found Doodie Deeds! We have a large yard and a lot of ground to cover and Annie does a wonderful job! Absolutely worth it! 
Jessica H 
Upper St. Clair, PA 
~Chantelle is reliable and does a great job in our yard. The pricing is reasonable and the service is reliable. It really is worth it to have Doodie Deeds come and take care of it. Highly recommended. 
Eric M. 
Mt. Lebo PA 
~We have been with Doodie Deeds for close to 10 years now.  We have been part of the business's expansion and they have been through expansion of our pet family.  The quality of work is off the charts and reliability is A++.  When it comes to customer service you can't ask for a more service minded owner and supporting staff. They communicate when service is going to be disrupted in a timely manner and accurately adjust billing accordingly.  You can't ask for a better group of individuals or company to provide caring service to you and your beloved pets. 
Steve W. 
McDonald, PA 
~What a great service prompt, polite and reliable. In my yard that is saying something Doodie Deeds always coming smiling ready for the job at hand and with giant breed dogs and acres to cover they are efficient get the messes and are always patient with the puppies. The prices are reasonable and I could not wish for better service. 
Kristin C. 
South Fayette, PA 

~I was referred to Chantelle by a good friend of mine who very highly recommended Doodie Deeds. I'm so glad I took my friend's advice because I am so pleased with the service, reliability, and professionalism of Chantelle. Besides doing a great clean up job, Chantelle is so kind and caring to my two large dogs. I truly could not have asked for better service than Chantelle and  Doodie Deeds provides to us! 
Kathy Z. 
McMurray PA 
~We started using Doodie Deeds in March of this year (2015) because of a referral from a friend...and because teenagers are generally lazy.  I contacted Chantelle and she came by the house that evening to meet with my wife and I, and Molly...our 3yr old Chocolate Lab.  Chantelle explained what they "doodie", how often they visit, who would be our regular "girl" and the cost for their services.Annie comes out every Friday and does her business...which happens to be Molly's business.  Just saw her this morning in fact.  She is very nice, always has a smile for you and is really good with Molly.  If you are away for the day and need them to let your pet out, they will let her out, give her water...it's a little more than just the everyday crap!I couldn't be happier with the company or their personnel.  If this is a service you are in need of, they are fantastic to have on your side.   
As Siskel & Ebert used to say..."TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!" 
Don Culp 
Houston, PA 
~Chantelle is very helpful and accommodating, professional and reasonably-priced. Don't know how we ever managed without doodie deeds! 
Amy S - Upper St. Clair  
~They are great!  Very careful with my gate.  And my dogs love to see them.  Don't know how they manage to find it all in the fall or winter but they do.  I'm very happy with the service they provide. 
Susan J. 
Upper St. Clair, PA  
~We have loved Doodie Deeds. Chantelle is so very accessible and accommodating and our yard is consistently clean and enjoyable.  It was such an improvement from our last service and we would recommend them to anyone. 
Georgine D- Presto, PA. 
~I have been using this service for 2 years now. It had been very dependable and the owner is wonderful and quick at any emails I have sent her!! Rain or shine Doodie Deeds is always there!! 
Tina M. 
McDonald, PA 

~"We use to do the doodie deed ourselves and thought we would only use a service for the initial spring clean-up from our two very large dogs. We changed our minds 3 years ago when we started using "Doodie Deeds." The service is reliable and very thorough. We have a large yard with 2 acres of enclosed invisible fencing for the dogs. Chantelle combs the whole area each week. We wouldn't use anyone else!" 
Very Pleased in Peters Township 
~Big yard, two Big dogs, not a big deal for Doodie Deeds.  Our first experience with them was a one-time winter clean-up.  They expertly scoured the whole yard and cleaned it all up at a very affordable price.  They gave me the price, I said you've got to be kidding me.  I was thrilled (way below what I expected)!!  Then after cleaning the yard myself for a month or so, We decided to let the pro's scoop the doo.  They've never missed a week and if our regular scooper Annie was not able then the owner Chantelle be there that week to clean the yard. Efficient, effective, they love on our dogs, a very positive experience.  Occasionally a dump or two is missed but that is very rare.  We have been very happy and Annie and Chantelle have been great!J 
John B. 
McDonald, PA 
~We have two dogs and a small yard so we hired Doodie Deeds and we wished we would have hired her sooner! She is always on time and she does a great job – the yard looks great! She has been very flexible with our changing needs as well and is always responsive. It is well worth the cost to have a reliable person take over this chore for us. We highly recommend her! 
Bridget P., Mt. Lebanon, PA 
~Cleaning up the yard is one thing, but cleaning up the yard because of doggie doo-doo is not something that I want to do, but I did it because of necessity. 
With my husband's illness, time spent doing tasks went by the wayside, so 
I started browsing and came across Doodie Deeds Dog Waste Removal. 
Chantelle Miller, owner, has a bubbly and positive presence. Her love of animals emerges as soon as she meets a potential customer. She explains how she will handle the doo-doo task, how often she comes to clean up, where the disposal will be and the price per dog and number of clean ups per month. Throughout the conversation, I was well aware of her integrity, her professionalism, and how she is so serious about property clean up and that if there is a parasite problem with your pet, it usually shows up in the yard as she cleans i and that she will report this finding to you so that your pet can get veterinary care as soon as possible. I have had Chantelle  clean up after my two greyhounds since June. I am just as pleased, and maybe even more so today, than I was back in June when I hired her to help me. I am quite impressed with Chantelle's embracing here job, loving the animals and still keeping with her professionalism and trustworthiness  from our first meet. There is not a sweeter, more pleasant and more committed person than Chantelle. Who knew that my greys would lead me to know such a beautiful person. Her work in clean up is so much better than I had ever done. I am so pleased and so happy! 
Joyce G. 
Canonsburg, PA 
~Chantelle and her company Doodie deeds makes my life a whole lot easier. The lawn people know when to come cut the grass without my having to try and run out and clean the yard and I know that the yard is always kept up and it is one less thing I have to worry about especially with 4 dogs. We love the service. 
Teresa V., Heidelberg, PA 
~Doodie Deeds is reliable, thorough, friendly, and businesslike.  They have been scooping for our three dogs for five years.  We recently added dog walking for our Goldendoodle.  She is a wild child, but the walks are going fine. 
Janet M. 
McMurray, PA 
~I had been using a different service company and frequently they wouldn't show up or when they did- only half the yard was scooped. I asked my neighbor (see Sheri M below) who she was using and so my introduction to Chantelle began. She always shows up and does a complete job. Everything is always double bagged and ready for the garbage. We are so happy to have found Chantelle!! 
Peggy B- McMurray, PA 
~A Life Saver! I love not having to worry about cleaning up after my dogs! Doodie Deeds is so wonderful to work with - -They are so reliable and are great with communication!  It is also super easy to pay the monthly invoices online.  I cannot imagine life without the help of Doodie Deeds! 
Amy A. 
Upper St. Clair, PA 
~Our family has been with Doodie Deeds for more than six years now and we couldn't be more satisfied. Chantelle is more than just the person who cleans up our yard of dog poop, she genuinely cares about us and our dog. She and her crew are reliable and thorough. We've tried a couple of other similar services before finding Doodie Deeds, and had almost given up on finding someone we could count on. We won't be switching again now that we have Chantelle in our lives. She has become a true and valuable friend. 
Gary & Nancy H. 
Bethel Park, PA 
~Initially I hired Doodie Deeds to clean up the dreaded winter poo palace ... And figured I would discontinue in the summer & start up again in the fall/winter. Well, after meeting (& realizing I already knew, Chantelle) I decided to keep her year round! Reliable & worth every cent (of the reasonable pricing)! Although it might not be the most glamorous job, Chantelle always has a smile on her face & great bubbly personality in full effect. She loves to meet the fur-babies & any other pets around & always has time to chat about animal antics! 
-Erika Y., Canonsburg, PA 
~We are so pleased we found Doodie Deeds!  Chantelle is very professional, prompt, hardworking, dedicated and an excellent business person. We couldn't ask for better service. With two black labs and very busy lives, Chantelle's services are such a great support to us and our furry boys!  I highly recommend Doodie Deeds, you will not be disappointed. 
Bobbi Jo~South Fayette, PA 
~Doodie Deeds is such a wonderful service. I recently moved to a home with a big back yard and I love not having to "seek and scoop"! Chantelle is a very professional and caring person. 
-Diane M., Presto, PA 
~I would like to write a short testimonial about my service with Doodie Deeds. I couldn't be any more happy. The service, the conscientiousness and the convenience is four stars. 
-Dan D., Bethel Park, PA 
~We initially hired Doodie Deeds for convenience, we have 4 children and a very busy life.  Chantelle is always professional, hard-working and does a great job in whatever the weather.  However, we did not expect that Chantelle would be so friendly and caring.  She truly loves our dog and is always ready with a smile and helpful dog advice.  I would highly recommend Chantelle for any dog services that you need.  
-Sheri M., Peters Twp, PA 
~Words can't even begin to describe how thankful I am that we found Chantelle and MaryAnn at Doodie Deeds.  We have been customers for almost 3 years now and I truly consider them family.  From the day we brought our puppy Geno home, they have taken care of him daily making sure he remains active, has food and water, and most importantly feels loved.  When we initially started with Doodie Deed's dog-walking service, it was mainly because we did not want our dog to be in the crate all day without some exercise or a potty break.  Three years later, our pup is housebroken, no longer crated, and has full roam of the house during the day.  Some might ask if we still need their service because of this but after seeing a few times myself how happy and excited Geno gets when he sees Chantelle or MaryAnn made it easy to see they are family to him and I would never want to stop using their service.  He is a family member in our house and that is exactly how they treat him!  We want him to always feel loved and Doodie Deeds helps us do this! 
-Lisa S., Bethel Park, PA 
~Doodie Deeds is a lifesaver for me.  I have 2 big dogs and Chantelle makes my life so much easier.  She is efficient and reliable.  I have and will continue to recommend this service to anyone who owns a dog and a yard! 
-Robin K., Upper St. Clair, PA 
~The services have been excellent, but more importantly the care is genuine.  Not only do they make my yard look fabulous, she also checked on my aging dog.  Chantelle goes above and beyond because she whole-heartedly loves the dogs she cares for!  
-Missy L, S. Fayette 
~I couldn't be happier with the dog walking service and scooping provided by Doodie Deeds. Chantelle is very reliable and truly cares about my dog. There is simply no comparison to Chantelle's service and services I've had in the past. She is far above her competitors. We've already referred several dog-owners to her and would recommend her to anyone. 
-Laura B., South Fayette, PA 
~"My family has been extremely happy with the dog walking service of Doodie Deeds. They have accommodated our requests, including last minute changes to our schedule. Their prices are very reasonable and they treat my dog as an important member of the family. My dog loves when they come over to play and walk him. Doodie Deeds has gone above and beyond my expectations." 
- ~Linds~ Bethel Park, PA 
~"I am incredibly grateful to Doodie Deeds.  I work long hours and have a puppy that I didn't want to leave in a cage for an entire day so I had to find someone to walk him midday.  The idea of not only handing over your beloved pet to the care of another but also opening your house to a stranger is quite an uneasy feeling, however, after working with Doodie Deeds, I could not be more comfortable.  They are not only incredibly professional (prompt, leave notes of the visit, call with updates/follow-up, are very thorough) but they are also just as importantly amazingly kind and compassionate.  They treat your pets as their own and are extremely dependable.  I HIGHLY recommend Doodie Deeds, and you can rest assured leaving everything in their hands.  I will never use anyone else!  Thank you Doodie Deeds!!"  
-Jen C., Carnegie, PA 
 ~I am extremely particular with Roxy, Coco, and Dozer. Many people joke that when they die, they want to come back as one of our dogs.  We trust Doodie Deeds with our dogs and our home.  They do an exceptional job and are very professional.  Most importantly... the dogs LOVE them !   
-Kristen O. Upper St. Clair, PA 
~Chantelle is prompt, professional and friendly. She goes the extra mile scraping all debris off my deck, every time! Most importantly-She loves dogs! I would recommend her service to anybody. 
-Mike (Scott Twp.) 
 ~Doodie Deeds  has changed our life!  As the owner of 3 dogs and a large lawn, walking in the yard was hazardous!  That has all changed! Chantelle, of Doodie Deeds does a great job and our dogs absolutely love her!  She is prompt and meticulous and we love her!  
-Karen S. Upper St. Clair, PA 
~Doodie Deeds has been very professional and has done an outstanding job. 
-Chris B. Mt. Lebanon, PA 
~I am certainly satisfied with your services. I gave my parents the gift of Doodie Deeds for a year and they love it. Chantelle is prompt, thorough and friendly, My elderly parents now have one less thing to worry about. 
-Jim H.,  Mt. Lebanon, PA 
 ~My association with Doodie Deeds has been an absolutely positive experience. I have been using the company's services for over a year and I am so impressed with their thoroughness and punctuality. The price is right and my labs, Duke and Rocky, could not be happier to visit with Chantelle of Doodie Deeds on a weekly basis. She is dedicated to her furry friends and quite knowledgeable about their care. I have often turned to her for animal advice and resource referral. Doodie Deeds has my endorsement.  You'll be glad you gave them a try! 
Leslie H.,  Peters Twp, PA 
~Doodie Deeds ALWAYS shows up!  I have yet to see rain or snow keep this company from doing their job.  Truly, "dirt cheap" prices for the BEST services out there!  Rated: 5 STARS! 
-Stacey & Joey D., Collier Township