Initial Cleaning, Spring pick-up/One time cleaning 

$40 up two the first two gallons scooped

$5 per gallon thereafter (1 gallon is equivalent too one grocery bag)

Initial Cleaning Fee may be waived all together if yard has been maintained thoroughly.

  • Twice weekly not available in all areas. Please ask.

  • Visits are prepaid monthly

  • Residential Rates are based on a yard size under a 1/4 acre. Yard size above 1/4 acre are priced according to a given estimate. 

  • Dogs over 100lbs add $2.00 per visit.

  • For Commercial Rates Please Call Doodie Deeds


Doodie Deeds Dog Waste Removal : We service yards year round, so you don't have too! Call us now to get on our weekly pooper scooper schedule.

Please note we ONLY SERVICE SOUTH WEST of Pittsburgh.

Pooper Scooper Gift Certificates are a great gift for dog lovers.  Please call for more details.

Customer Referral Program

Doodie Deeds believes in rewarding our customers who refer our company.  You will receive 1 free service for each paid referral you send to Doodie Deeds. 

Billing Procedures:

Doodie Deeds is a pre-paid service. Monthly customers will be invoiced by the 11th of each month. Payment is due on the 26th of each month in order to continue service the following month.  If payment is not received by the first of each month, there will be a $5 late fee and service may be suspended until payment is received. There may also be an additional fee if your yard has not been maintained during suspension. We accept ACH, Debit and Major Credits on line.  Please note there is a 3% fee on all Major Credit cards.  ACH and Debit are free. 

Payment for one time customers must be rendered on the day of service.  Cash or Check.

There is a $25 fee on all returned checks due to insufficient funds. 

In Business since 2007

Providing Pooper Scooper services to communities South West of Pittsburgh and parts of Washington County

Voted 2nd Place Pittsburgh Fan Favorite for Woman Owned Business


​​Weekly Service Rates - No Contracts

Cleaning your yard every week keeps your pet waste problem under control. Our most recommended service for most households.

    # Dogs                        Flat Monthly Rate                    
1                   $42.50  ($10.00 per week)    

       2                   $51.00  ($12.00 per week)

       3                   $59.50  ($14.00 per week)

       4                   $68.00  ($16.00 per week)

       5                   $76.50  ($18.00 per week)

                                $2.00 per dog thereafter


Twice Weekly Service Rates - No Contracts 

For people who have multiple dogs or larger dogs, twice a week service keeps the yard much cleaner and smelling fresher.

# Dogs                           Flat Monthly Rate                       
        1                   $68.00    ($8 per visit 2x a week)          

        2                   $85.00    ($10 per visit 2x a week)

        3                   $102.00  ($12 per visit 2x a week)

        4                   $119.00  ($14 per visit 2x a week)

        5                   $136.00  ($16 per visit 2x a week)

Please note that Twice Weekly Service is not available in all areas.